We specialize in Palm Beach rentals.  If you are looking for a residential rental in Palm Beach County Florida, we can help.

Whether you are living in the area and simply want to move, or are relocating from out of state, we will save you time and money.

We work hard to know what’s available in the area, and we keep up to date on specials and upcoming unit availability.

We go over your needs, situation and find the best unit for you and your family.

Save yourself the running around, call us today!  Our services are free for renters, and we know the Palm Beach rentals market.

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Call today, our team will help you find your Palm Beach County rental home.
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What our clients say;

  • Wendy Barnett

    Tina was an absolute blessing when it came to finding us our home!  She was knowledgeable and patiently answered my 371 questions.  We moved here from out of state and had to choose a home “sight unseen.”  She did not disappoint!  If anyone is looking for a trustworthy and awesome real estate expert, look no further.  I highly recommend!

  • Danielle Minerva

    If you're looking for a rental of any kind in Palm Beach County, look no further!!!  I'm someone who will give the harshest review if it deserves it, and these guys deserve the BEST ever review!  I was in a hopeless and desperate situation and I amazingly found Joe and his wife on Craigslist and I'm thanking god that I did!
    Joe is the most calm, level-headed, zen dude I may have ever met, and he makes you feel so comfortable and hopeful if you're in a less than perfect situation.  I was originally interested in a different city and county, and I am now living in beautiful Boynton Beach in a beautiful apartment complex.  I got exactly what I wanted and way MORE all because I let Joe and Tina take the reins and I sat back and trusted. 
    I came to town on a Thursday afternoon with only a couch to sleep on at an acquaintance's house, and really scared and unsure how this would work out since I did have several hurdles, credit issues and being self-employed to name just a few. However, Joe and his wife had me in this great apartment by the evening time on Friday!  I am forever grateful to them.  I have never in my life seen such magic happen before my very eyes!  There was a time when it didn't seem like it was going to happen, and we may have to start over.  I was desperate due to my sleeping arrangement not being very ideal, and boy did they come through!  Not only that, but I was treated like royalty and very much welcomed into this community after feeling a little bit like a loser because of my credit, which is personal struggles that can happen to anyone, and society can really make you feel bad about it.  I am a great tenant though and always have been, and since this wonderful family truly knows how to do their job efficiently and with the utmost professionalism, it was a non-issue.
    I will say, Joe and his wife even took things a step further and they extended generosity to myself and my pup to such a degree that it is now very obvious that these two are no doubt real, live EARTH ANGELS!!!!  I will be referring them to everyone from now on and shouting their names from the rooftops.  I also feel as if I've gained lifelong friends.
    I am so grateful and am thoroughly enjoying my new place and my new life here in PBC!

  • Daniel Taylor

    Not sure I can really find all the words that will express just how much I love what they done for me and my family.  We were in panic mode, transferring from VA to Boynton Beach.  Tina walked on water and made it happen in record timing of 2 weeks.  Anyone that knows South Florida knows that is remarkable.  All this after one guy dropped off the face of the Earth while helping us, another lady told me it was impossible.  Ha!  This was all new to us, Tina never made me feel as if I was bothering her, she made me feel everything was going to be okay when I was freaking out.  All of this and I feel I now have a life long friend.  You will not go wrong with Palm Beach Rentals!!

  • Daniel Iversen

    Tina and Joe,
    You are miracle workers!
    Somehow, you found the home we wanted, in the location we needed, from over 3,000 miles away.
    And it blows my mind.
    After all, finding a house for a family of 4 (plus a large dog) – from over 3000 miles away, sight-unseen – is a tall order. Nonetheless, you made everything as simple and straightforward as possible.
    Frankly, I shudder to think what would have happened otherwise.
    Because now I know, beyond a doubt:
    Had I trusted any of those (unfortunately) scam-riddled sites like Zillow, and Trulia...or relied on EVERY other "personalized" service I contacted and who treated me like a number, forgot who I was on each call, (and never delivered)...
    We'd be "up a creek", so to speak.
    Instead, we're here.
    We're safe, we're happy, and we're grateful for your expert advice and kind help!
    Bottom line:
    For anyone reading this, here's what sets Tina and Joe apart, and why you should ONLY work with them:
    * Personalized Video Walk-throughs
    It's like being there. You get to see every nook and cranny... the good and the bad. (Watch for Tina's surprise "Hollywood Cameos"!)
    * No-Nonsense Advice
    Tina's honest advice saves you time, money, and headaches. If a rental has ugly problems, she'll let you know upfront. That way you avoid costly errors.
    * Family-Style Service
    If you want to feel like a close friend instead of a number, look no further. Tina and Joe treated us like we'd known each other for years.
    Best of all?
    It's FREE.
    Help from Tina and Joe – EASILY worth thousands of dollars in time and money spent – won't cost you a thin dime.
    So, again, Tina and Joe:
    Thank you for being our "eyes and ears on the ground" in South Florida. You made moving cross-country as smooth, painless, and easy as possible.
    With so much gratitude,
    The Iversen Family 5

  • Ron G.

    I want to thank you for the time and detailed effort you put into finding me the perfect place to live. Your professionalism is evident in your relationships as we viewed the properties and your experience guided me from one perfect potential rental to another.
    Making the final choice was easy because you eliminated all the options that just didn’t suit what I was looking for. I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf and will highly recommend your services to anyone who wishes to navigate the relocation process to south Florida.
    Thank you so very much.